CAMA® Web Archiving Platform

True Web Archiving in Native Format

As digital documents, websites are particularly complex elements. They are made of several types of media : text, images, sounds, animations and streams. Capturing them in their original format is crucial for any future access and quality archives rendering.

CAMA® operates in three distinct stages to ensure the highest archiving quality:

  • Capture of Web content in native format using CAMA® robot crawlers.
  • Storage of collected data in ISO standard file format container: WARC
  • Playback of archived Web content as if they were live

Comply with E-Records retention rules

CAMA® ensures the compliance with Electronic Records management requirements by archiving and retaining copies of your entire websites, sub-domains, Social webpages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and web presence at large.

It clearly evidences the content of a website which has been shown to a particular end-user during the website’s visit.

  • Native Web formats Archiving

    Aleph Archives technology uses web bots (i.e crawlers) that capture all web pages (including social media). The web pages are stored exactly as they are captured (including links, rich media, video, and Flash).

  • Playback of all dynamic content

    CAMA® uses a Uniform Archives View (UAW) independent from OSes and browser types or versions, allowing you to browse through your archives safely and with a guaranteed level of service.

  • WARC ISO File format Support

    The standard for web archive container files is WARC — the Web Archiving file format —ISO standard ISO/DIS 28500. It is already being adopted as the foundation for web archive storage and preservation.

  • Instant Export (PDF, PNG)

    A set of tools is available to search, sort, analyze, import / export your archived data On-Demand.

  • Fulltext search engine

    CAMA® has a “Temporal Web Archives Search Engine“ which can analyze documents of various formats (HTML, MS-WORD, PDF, etc.) over different periods of time. It has been designed specifically to manage large volumes of data (petabytes and more) with extremely short latencies.

  • Digital signature and Timestamping

    CAMA® seals and signs every single archived URL to let you comply with any E-Records keeping rule.

CAMA® - ArchiView
Offering high quality archives rendering, the archiview plugin enables you to access, share, search and export easily your archives.
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